China in the Americas

Panamá-China Relations

July 19, 2022 Rasheed Griffith Episode 29
China in the Americas
Panamá-China Relations
Show Notes

The Republic of Panama officially recognized the People's Republic of China in 2017. Ever since then, there has been a constant parade of op-eds from think tanks about the potential risk of China's advance in Central America. We are joined by Sebastian Naranjo, a PhD candidate at Renmin University in Beijing and an Asia Desk Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panamá, to seek some truth from facts on this issue. 

  • Why did Panamá cut diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of the PRC?
  • How central is the canal to politics in Panamá? 
  • What tangible projects has the PRC assisted with in Panamá? 
  • How relevant is Chinese culture in the daily lives on Panamanians? 
  • Has Panama's relations with the USA soured in any way since 2017? 

We discussed these questions and more!